Monday, August 30, 2010

Transforming an old tin container

Simple decoupage techniques turn a used milk tin into a stylish storage container

Supplies needed:

1. Used tin/food container
2. White craft glue
3. 2 small containers (one for glue, one for water)
4. A paintbrush
5. Decorative paper or images
6. Scissors
7. Rag/cleaning cloth

1. Started by cutting out the shapes and placing the cut-outs in water to soften the paper
(this step isn't neccesary if you're using thin paper)

2. Mixed white craft glue with some water and spread the mixture  on the container

3. Started placing the cut-outs on the container

4. Layered the cut-outs around the tin

5. Continued step 4 until the container was fully covered, then left it to dry
6. When it was completely dry, I cut off the overlapping paper with an xacto knife
as close to the top of the tin as possible

7. Snip off extra paper on the bottom as well, and that's it!

A pretty new storage container for my craft supplies. 

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