Wednesday, September 22, 2010




 STEP 1: Using a template, cut out several same-size circles. The circles can be as big or as small as you want, but keep in mind that the bigger the circles, the quicker you'll finish (learned this the hard way :)
STEP 2: Once you have your circles cut, you can start making your petals/ruffles. 
How-to: Fold a circle in half, then fold the half circle to make a quarter. Using a dab of glue at the fold, hold the petal together.

You can make all the petals at once, and get them ready to glue on your surface, or you can glue as you go. This way worked better for me.

STEP 3: Start gluing the pieces to your surface. Overlapping them slightly as you go

Keep going.......until.....'s fully covered. I think it looks a little like a hedgehog, no? :)

Step 4: Punch a hole, add a rivet and put a chain strap, if your purse doesn't already have one


I was waaaay too lazy to cover the other side, but here's what I learned doing this: 1) Use larger sized circles! It'll make it go a whole lot faster! 2) Don't space the petals too close together, again, so it all goes a little faster 3) Use lighter/less weighty fabric 4) Don't lay down the petals in the same way/direction. Alternate it, so you have a fuller effect at the end. All in all, a fun diy, if a little time consuming. I'll def be trying this again soon!

 Happy diy'ing!

Friday, September 3, 2010


I am ALWAYS looking for interesting ways to store my jewelry so it doesn't all end up in a huge heap on my dresser. I kept thinking of something portable that I could hang inside a closet door or on the wall, something with handles for necklaces and holes for earrings, and I knew I would have to make it myself.... so I googled 'necklace holder' or ''earring organizer' or something one day, and came across a LOT of fellow crafty gals with similar ideas. I loved the concept of using a photo frame because that solves the portability issue and you can determine what size works best for you. Soooo, I decided to create my own version of the photo frame - jewelry holder/organizer. Instead of using mesh like a lot of the diy's I came across, I decided to use cork, and it turned out fab, if I do say so myself :)  

Advantage to creating your own jewelry organizer? 

You can customize it to suit the type of baubles you own. If like me, you wear a lot of hoops and dangling earrings, you need something with enough room to both store and showcase your pieces, so you don't end up wearing the same pieces over and over again cos you can't see what you have

I got the photo frame at the Game (Palms Shopping mall), I've had the cork sheet about 3 years or more from Pearl Paint, and I got the mini hooks/screws at the Game as well. 

Added bonus - it took less than an hour. I love quick diy's!


1) Frame 2) Decorative paper 3) Tape/glue 4) Mini hooks 5) Cork sheet 6) Ruler 
7) Craft knife 8) Scissors


STEP 1 : Take the photo frame apart. The glass isn't going to be part of the finished product, so i'm saving it for another DIY project. At this point you only need the mat frame.

STEP 2: To 'pretty-up'  it up, I decided to wrap the mat frame with decorative paper (the paper I ended up using is different from the one pictured above). So placing the mat frame on my paper (both face-down), I cut a .75 -1 inch border around the frame.

Step 3: Secure the mat to the decorative sheet with a little tape, to stop it from moving around
and draw an 'X' using the opposite corners of the rectangle on the inside of the frame

Step 4: Then I cut along the 'X' lines with a craft knife, making sure to have 
a clean cut from one end to the other

This creates the 'window'

Step 5: Cut off the corner squares on all 4 sides

Step 6: Begin folding back the middle 'X' flaps and the 1 inch border.
Cut off any excess paper and tape/glue the paper down

One side folded and taped, do the same all around

When finished it should look like this. (This is the backside of the mat frame,
so it doesn't need to look perfect)
Front view

Step 7: Once you have finished wrapping the mat frame, it's time to pop it back 
into the main photo frame. *Remember the glass isn't going back in.

After placing the mat frame, position the cork sheet over the 'window' or opening.

Add the layer/board that came with the frame and secure the back


Draw a guideline for where you want to place the hooks. I am using hooks 
that can be screwed into the cork by hand.

Screw in the hook until it is flush with the cork and you can feel it is firmly in place. 

Continue placing your hooks at measured intervals 
( I left approx 2inches between the hooks)

Using a pair of hoops as my guideline, I drew a line for the next row of hooks/screws, keep going until you fill the space. (I initially considered covering the cork sheet with a complimentary decorative paper, but I like the look of the cork with the yellow, so I left it as is)

That's it. You're finished and your jewelry organizer is ready!



Quick and easy storage solution. I have a feeling i'll be making more of these in many different variations!

Here are a few links to some of my faves:

Monday, August 30, 2010

Transforming an old tin container

Simple decoupage techniques turn a used milk tin into a stylish storage container

Supplies needed:

1. Used tin/food container
2. White craft glue
3. 2 small containers (one for glue, one for water)
4. A paintbrush
5. Decorative paper or images
6. Scissors
7. Rag/cleaning cloth

1. Started by cutting out the shapes and placing the cut-outs in water to soften the paper
(this step isn't neccesary if you're using thin paper)

2. Mixed white craft glue with some water and spread the mixture  on the container

3. Started placing the cut-outs on the container

4. Layered the cut-outs around the tin

5. Continued step 4 until the container was fully covered, then left it to dry
6. When it was completely dry, I cut off the overlapping paper with an xacto knife
as close to the top of the tin as possible

7. Snip off extra paper on the bottom as well, and that's it!

A pretty new storage container for my craft supplies. 

Friday, August 27, 2010


New to blogging and posting, so want to do something quick and easy to test the waters :). This 5-minute DIY is all about up-cycling. While clearing out a drawer the other day, I came across this black see-through sleeve - the packaging of a watch I bought ages ago. I figured it would make a nice mini wallet, and decided to jazz it up and make it more fun to look at. So with some trimming, a hot glue gun and a large flat-back stone, here's what I did:

1. Cut the trim down to the size of the sleeve, 2 pieces - one for the front, one for the back.
2. Got the hot glue gun, and applied a generous amount to the back of the trim.
3. Glued it on.
4. Repeated steps 2 & 3 for the other side.
5. Added a flat-back jewel on one side, for a little more bling.

The sleeve

Gold and black Mesh trim

Trim cut to size

Glue on the backside

Trim securely glued on

Purple diamond shaped jewel (also hot-glued on)


Finished product

Voila, all done!

It's the perfect size for my blackberry, some money and my business cards.

Cute, quick and super-easy!